Trolls Swarovski Crystal Cupcake Sprinkles


Just like the finishing touch on a cupcake, don’t forget the sprinkles! Our Trolls Swarovski® Crystal Cupcake Sprinkles Charm is the perfect topping to your Large Gold or Silver “Be Colorful” Scallop Twist Living Locket®. Featuring baguette-style Swarovski® Crystals in two sizes and in four colors, these delicate Crystals add a pop of color and a touch of sweet sparkle to any of our Troll-inspired jewelry. Designed with the same Swarovski® Crystals, these Crystal Cupcake Sprinkles pair perfectly with the Trolls Cupcake Dangle.

Product Information

  • Light turquoise, rose, sapphire, and aurora borealis Swarovski crystals
  • Pack of 10 crystals
  • SKU: CH4210

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