Bag Clip + Keychain


Now there’s one more way to carry your story with you! Introducing our new Bag Clip + Keychain. This Stainless Steel Bag Clip + Keychain is the perfect travel companion. Add the Solid Twist Living Locket Base (don't forget to add Inscriptions!) with your favorite Locket Face and Charms, clip on your keys or to your handbag and get ready to head out the door in fashion.

Product Information

  • The Bag Clip + Keychain is intended to be used only with a Solid Twist Living Locket Base. Using the Keychain with any other Locket may void the returns policy.
  • We strongly suggest you use a Living Locket Protector by Ghost Armor on any Living Locket used on our Bag Clip + Keychain to help protect it against scratches and abrasions.
  • Fits most handbags.
  • SKU: CN9001

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